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May 22, 2008


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Andrew Samwick

I consider myself a conservative economist, and I think that once "do nothing" is taken off the list of the legislative and executive branches' possible policy responses, Baker's Own-to-Rent proposal is the best option put forward so far.

I like it because it has the best mix of distributional consequences. First, taxpayers don't lose anything directly. Second, there is no bailout--lenders who made bad loans and speculators who invested in them do worse relative to the status quo. Third, borrowers who took on more debt than they should have lose their opportunity to have any equity, but they don't lose their place to live. I blogged about this last summer here and most recently here.

Other than "do nothing" or "let the courts handle it," what do you think the appropriate conservative policy response should be?


Once "do nothing" is taken of the list, the sky's the limit. I wouldn't take it off the list and I wouldn't expect a conservative economist to do so, either.

You get a free pass to promote your blog this time only, prof, which was the real reason for your comment, wasn't it?.


Kevin, I like your blog, but seriously, your suggestion that Andrew Samwick ( ), former Chief Economist to the President's Council of Economic Advisors, is posting on yours to self-promote just doesn't pass the chuckle test.

You could instead tackle the honest criticism of your position, both his as well as Menopausal Management Consultant's (who I'm sure you're already seeing in your referers, as it has a few orders magnitude higher traffic rank than yours per Alexa).


And yet, here you are, Ivan, wasting your (and, I assume, your employer's) valuable time on this itty, bitty, no-traffic blog authored by some no-name lawyer from the middle of nowhere, in response to an off-the-cuff rant posted last night merely to amuse myself, and trying to drag me into some useless argument with people I don't know and care even less about, and who can't even get my name right. For what purpose?

It's unfortunate that I didn't pass your chuckle test, but I'll bet that test is graded on the curve, isn't it?

I could be spending my time billing clients or, more enjoyably, drinking a Shiner Bock poolside. You folks have way, way too much time on your hands and, seriously, you need to get an actual life. Try it, you may like it. But, thanks for reading and have a nice day.


"Have a nice day." LOL


The stuffed shirts don't seem to get the fact that this entire blog is basically a goof, do they? You ring the bell and the self-important salivate. When will they ever learn?


Prince Ivan the Idiot is a regular reader of this blog but couldn't figure out that you had your tongue in your cheek when you made the comment about Mr. Samwick plugging his blog on your blog. Amazingly clueless, no?


Do any of you people have an actual job? I mean one that requires something other than cruising the Internet? Are you on vacation? Thank all that is holy for the IP banning function of Typepad.

I appreciate the interest, but c'mon!

Arlanio: Sorry, I meant to use the happy face emoticon, too. I forgot. That would have sent you over the edge, I expect.

DD: They'll never learn. Bank on it. Most of the blogosphere is an echo chamber and "self-important" doesn't even begin to describe many of the gaseous bloviators who populate it. Like me, for example.

Barbara: Yes.

Buh-bye. Have a great holiday weekend.

Jogger, Texas Ranger

Hey, Hoss, I went to Alexa and it doesn't show any traffic figures for you. If you don't publish your traffic figures, maybe that explains why you rank below the menopausal management consultant. Ivan's kind of a dishonest little twit, isn't he?


I may have to steal "menopausal management consultant" from you. No, I don't publish traffic figures, so Alexa doesn't show any traffic, and, yes, that was intellectually dishonest of "Ivan." No more intellectually dishonest than the reference to "referers" (sp.), however. I got an insignificant number of click-throughs from that pretentious rag sheet, which shows what smoke and mirrors some these blogger frauds use. "Management consultant" can be just a synonym for "unemployed middle-aged has-been."

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