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March 09, 2008


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Harry Calamari

The time and expense involved in compiling this inoformation would be daunting - and nearly all information breaches are most often due to the negligence of the customer, and usually involve another family member.

P.S. it is the Indiana University School of Law.

Jogger, Texas Ranger

P.S. Who gives a damn?

Just  Another John

I'll tell you who gives a damn, I do! As does every other righteous law-abider who's sick and tired of sniping SOBs like the author of this piece of trash some clueless jerks call a "blog." Funnell, I'm going to f***ing STEAMROLL you!!! And your little dog Toto, too! Diss me, will ya'? My three teenage daughters are going to kick your A**!!

Just as soon as they stop kicking mine.

Number 9....Number 9...Number 9...


Most excellent, and obscure, reference to a lyric from a Beatles song I've ever seen, John. I squat in awe.

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